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Celebrating Active Membership for 25 Years (or more)


Since 2005, the Member Services Committee has been recognizing those members of the Association with 25 years or more of continuous membership.  In this short time, we have honored over 150 loyal NJLA members!  We want to thank the following people for their 25 years of service to NJLA.  Your contribution of time and talent makes NJLA the strong organization it is today.


View photos on flickr.


At the NJLA Conference 2013, we honored the classes of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013! 


                                        Class of 2013 (Joined in 1988)

Rita Altomara

Nancy Barnhouse

Gayle Carlson

Edward Carson

Hsi Hsi Chung

Sharon Rawlins

Maureen Rees

Ann F. Smith

Seth Stephens


                                       Class of 2012 (Joined in 1987)

Adriana Bernstein

Alice S. Bronstein

Deborah E. Dennis

Jane Gold

Barbara Kruger

John Malar

Kathleen Mulroy


Luis F. Rodriguez

Jane Stanley

Richard Stern

Jane Thoner

Dorothy T. West

Robert White


                                   Class of 2011 (Joined in 1986)

Carolyn Belvin

Susan Briant

Sharon Flannery

Judy Gardner

Suzanne M. Miller


Nancy B. O'Grady

Cheryl Rheiner

Mary Riskind

Patricia Vasilik

Sara K. Weissman


                                    Class of 2010 (Joined in 1985)

Susan Hutler

Carol Kuhlthau

James T. Mullins

Adrienne Tawil 


Class of 2009 (Joined in 1984)

Janet Bone
Louise Cangelosi
Janet M. Davis
John Hurley
Marybeth James
Dorothy Ji
Josephine Mahoney
Sharon Osborn
Silvestra Praino
Linda Snyder
Barbara Thiele
Leah Wagner
Marianne R. Willms


Class of 2008 (Joined in 1983)

Joan M DelleCave
Maureen Gorman
Karen Haase-Gray
Elizabeth McCall
Kevin Mulcahy
Karen Novick
Paul Rigby
Linda M Risden
Joanne Roukens
Michael Utasi


Class of 2007 (Joined in 1982)

Jeannette Bos 
Judith Crudele 
Lois R. Densky-Wolff 
Robert P. Egan 
Nancy J. Forester 
Miriam Greenhouse 
Kathleen Jones Harris 
Judith Heldman 
Leslie Kahn 
Priscilla A. Kendall 
Gerry McMahon 
Anne Nielsten
Penny Page 
Janice Perrier 
Lynn E. Randall 
Gail Robinson 
Ruth C. Roderick
Barbara Shapiro 
Gwendolyn C. Slaton 
Bill Trafton 
L. Joan Velez 
Stephen Wechtler 
Ann Weissenburger 
Edwina M. Wilinski
Christine Zembicki


Class of 2006 (Joined in 1981)

Anne Albano
Jean Blasciak
Linda Lee Breder
Susan Brozena
Cynthia Chamberlin
Grace Chen
Jeannette Cohn
Richard Colucci
Therese Critchlow
Carolyn Cullum
Emma-Lou Czarnecki
Mary Duffy
Sara Eggers
Helen Evernham
Margaret Feld
Elaine Gaber
Lois Greene
Joanne Greenspun
Catherine Harper
Blanche Harris
Lucinda Heinlein
Barbara Jobin
Sandra Johnson
Anna Jones
Sharon Karmazin
Stella Kern
Selma Kessler
Susan Kheel
Ethel Klingerman
Eugene Krautblatt
Nina Ladof
Jean Loos

Beverly Luck
Christine Matteo
Joan MacKinnon
Lori McConnell
W. Keith McCoy
Kathryn McGrath
Kathleen Mollica

David Munn
Mary O’Connor
Elsalyn Palmisano
William Paullin
Patricia Pelak
Aldona Pintsch
Jo-Ann Pure
Barry Redlich
Patricia Reeling
John Rindone
Winifred Sue Rowe
Rose Marie Rudy
Diana Rupprecht
Margaret Ann Serpico
John Sitnik
Beth Roll Smith
Liga Stam
Betty Steckman
Anna Stuhl
Rene Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
Dr. Sarah K. Thomson
Helen Vesterman
John Zaremba


                              Class of 2005 (Joined in 1980)

Thomas Altruz

Rowland Bennett

Thomas Clapham

Susan D'Ottavio

Lynda Fegley

Maureen Frank

Michele Hoban

Hsiu-Hsiang Hsu

Kei Kawano

Marilyn Lotz

Andrew Martin

Joan Meyer

Daniel Robinson

Patricia Rothenberg

Susan Titelbaum


Did we miss you?  Please let us know if you think your anniversary has passed without any recognition.  Contact the NJLA Office or the Member Services Committee.


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