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Budget Subcommittee




Finance committee established as a Special Committee in 1942. Established as a Standing Committee in 1943. Re-established as a Subcommittee of the Executive Board in 1996. Re-named Budget Subcommittee in 2007.




Chair, treasurer, president, first vice-president (president-elect,) Executive Director and up to three additional board members.




• To prepare an annual budget subject to the approval of the Executive Board.


• To project future expenditures and to recommend possible ways of meeting the expenses involved.


• To review Association investments annually.


• To implement, review and evaluate the financial plan of the Association


• To periodically review procedures and controls relating to financial management of the association.




Keith McCoy, chair

Heidi Cramer, president

Susan Briant, president elect

Pat Tumulty, executive director





Nancy Weiner

Cheryl O’Connor


Pamela Holmes

Michele  Reutty 


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