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Children's Services Section minutes

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                                    New Jersey Library Association

                                         Children’s Services Section                                        Executive Board Meeting                                                9 January 2009                                           Westfield Public Library


In attendance:

            Ellen Pozzi                  Rutgers

            Kathy Muhm               Westfield Memorial Library

            Jan Johnson             Princeton Public Library

            Patty Sumner            Piscataway Public Library

            Kristen Kirk                Ocean County Library

            Melissa Okerblom   Parsippany Library

            Lisa Sedita                 Ridgefield Public Library

            Lina Crowell*             Warren Public Library

            Joanne Friedman*    Kearney Public Library

            * attended as CSS members not members of the board         


Ellen called the meeting at 10:38 a.m. after a tour of the Westfield Public Library. 

The December minutes were approved with three corrections by Kathy and seconded by Jan. Lisa abstained. All approved the minutes. 


Treasurer’s Report

          Jan reported to date that $32.96 was spent for refreshments for the December CSS meeting. It was an approved expense.


Committee ReportsGarden State Children’s Book Awards

            There was a brief report by Melissa. The votes were submitted and the committee is still waiting on the results. Reminders for voting submission will go out on the listserv. It was discussed that the GSCBA ballot should be linked to the winning books page and that past winning books should be made easily available. There was also discussion that the WIKI for the GSCBA committee should be coordinated with the teen section, but should be two different areas. The design for the GSBA’s page will be of the committee’s choosing, but CSS will have oversight. The committee needs to appoint someone for the page.



            Lisa reported that she will archive a list of performers from past Performer’s Showcases from 2008-2002, and wanted to know if we were interested in adding a feedback section to the archived list. The CSS committee believes instead of a feedback page, there should be a link to email section stating that CSS members could click to send an email with feedback on program performer’s experience in their library. The emails would then be available to fellow CSS members only.


 Books for Kids

            There was no report sent in to the committee. 


Performer’s Showcase

          Diane sent in a report. A request was put out on the listserv for people to serve on the Performer’s showcase committee and selections will take place at the February meeting. Hamilton Public Library is the location for the committee meeting. The tentative location for the showcase is Monmouth County Library. Pat Tumulty suggested Ocean County and Toms River as possible location ideas however parking and its location to all attendees may not make these locations feasible. However, the location ideas will be sent to Diane. Ultimately Monmouth County Library would be the ideal location for this event.


Choice Books

It was discussed that “choicebooks” wikispaces needs to be changed to pbwiki.

The committee also wants “choicebooks” as an added page and “KidTech” be the next project.


Other ReportsNJLA Executive Board

            Susan reported that the governor asked all departments cut 20% or 4.2 million from their budget. This cut is below what the budget was in 1991. N. Blake requested that libraries not cut the budget, but state why their budget should remain the same. This request would emphasize that per capita state aid not only affects parents, but also more importantly the children librarians serve. Norma stated that our voices need to be heard in the library world. The State and NJLA are sponsoring forums across the state to educate and rally the public to support the library. Monday, 1-12-09 is the first forum in Parsippany from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. The budget will hopefully be coming in February.  

            The dates for the NJLA conference have been set for 2010 and 2011. In 2010, NJLA will be in Long Branch April 26-28, with a rate reduction for the hotel. In 2011, the dates are May 2-4 in Long Branch, as well with a rate reduction.

            Negotiations with Verizon’s 3-T line to improve speeds have not been settled yet.

Rutgers Day is 4-25-09. Plans for the day will expand to include SCILS and programs throughout the buildings promoting libraries.


State Library

            Sharon sent in a report. The guidelines brochure is in the process of being scanned and revised. It was suggested in a prior meeting that it also be added to a wiki for further suggestions and revisions.

            There is a new statewide marketing campaign “Solving Life’s Problems”. NJLA and NJASL are encouraging libraries to create compelling stories about their library via video to be entered in a statewide contest.   For more information go to – www.solvinglifesproblems.org. Library patrons can also submit their stories. Registered participants will receive marketing materials to promote this campaign. If you need further information, contact Nancy Dowd, marketing director at ndowd@njstatelib.org.

            NJLA is sponsoring four public policy forums beginning January 12, 2009. The forums are to inform individuals about the proposed state budget cuts and its effect on libraries. The dates are 1-12 9:30 –11:30 at Parsippany-Troy Hills library, 1-14-09, 9-11, at Cherry Hill Library, 1-14-09, 1-3, at South Brunswick Library and 1-16-09, 1-3 at Georgian Court University. Registration is required on the NJLA website.

            NJ Libraries are invited to participate in the “Lincoln Pennies for Peace Campaign” in honor of the Lincoln Bicentennial. The funds collected will be donated to “Pennies for Peace” for the Central Asia Institute co founded by Greg Mortenson.

To register go to: http://www.penniesforpeace.wordpress.com

            NJ Statewide Children’s and Young Adult Author Conference is scheduled for Friday May 8, 2009, 9:30- 4:00 at Woodbridge Public Library. More information and registration will be on the NJYAC and NJLA website.

            EBSCO is offering webinars for NJ library staff members. All webinars are free of charge but you must register. EBSCO will send the information once registered.

The webinars are:

            EBSCO Literary Reference Center                     1-12-09

                                                                                    10:00 – 11:00 am

            EBSCO Points of View Reference                      1-20-09

                                                                                    10:00 – 11:00 am

            EBSCO Literary Reference                                 1-21-09

                                                                                    1:30 – 2:30 pm

            EBSCO Points of View Reference                     2-4-09

                                                                                    10:00 – 11:00 am

            EBSCO Science & History Reference            2-5-09

                                                                                    10:00 – 11:00 am

            EBSCO Science & History Reference            2-11-09

                                                                                    1:30- 2:30 pm

To register:



Summer Reading Club

            There was no report. The committee’s meeting coincided with the CSS meeting.


Youth Services Forum

            There was no report



Old Business            2009 Conference

                        There was no report. However it was noted that for the 2009 conference, notifications were sent out to coordinators.


Shadowing List/ Instructions

           Ellen will be posting a link of interest on the website and will announce this program to the listserv and SCILS. She will then compile a list of participating librarians and their locations for students and individuals who are interested in shadowing a librarian. A list of guidelines for shadowing will also be made available those who participate. There will also be a link to Zarita Maddox, the professional development chair at Rutgers. 

Ballot 2009- 2010

        The ballot for 2009-2010 is making slow progress. There is some interest, but as of yet no information on the candidates has been received. So far the ballot is:

             Member at Large:

                        Melissa Ernst from Island Heights

                        Amir from Woodbridge Public Library


                      Jan from Princeton


        Vice President:



In the future, Kristin would like to see a timeline drawn up mapping out when things need to be done to prepare the ballot.


Emerging Leaders

            CSS will most likely be involved with this program in 2010 as it may be too late to be involved this year. The current Emerging Leaders program is set, but they are trying to add Children’s Services in this year in some small capacity, and expand next year.


New Children’s Librarian Day

            Planning for the Fall 2009 Children’s Librarian Day are still in its beginning phases. Some basic ideas were mentioned and a committee was formed. The committee members are: Kristin Kirk, Jan Johnson, Joanne Friedman, Patty Sumner, and Ellen Pozzi.


New Business

            The next meeting will be Friday, February 13, 2009 at Princeton Public Library. Jan will take care of refreshments.


Meeting adjourned 12:18







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