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Page history last edited by Lynn S. 13 years, 11 months ago

NJLA Conference Dine-Around 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009



NJLA Dine-Around provides a great opportunity to savor the cuisines of one of the area’s favorite restaurants while making new contacts.  Each dinner party will be composed of 8 – 12 conference attendees. The restaurants selected include a range of cuisines and prices.  All venues are within walking distance of Ocean Place Resort.  All restaurants are located in Pier Village.


Dine-Around guests order from the menu at each restaurant.  You will be responsible for all food and beverage charges, including tax and gratuities. Each diner will receive a separate check.    


We will be leaving from the Hospitality Table (located near the conference registration area) at 5pm.  Groups and individuals can email Lynn Schott LSchott@bergen.edu to secure a spot at a favorite restaurant.  Please provide name, address, place of employment and restaurant preference in the body of the email using “2009 NJLA Dine Around” as the subject of the message.  On the spot sign-up sheets may be available during pre-conference at the Hospitality Table at Ocean Place Resort and Spa on Monday, April 27, 2009.


Dine Around 2009 Restaurants


It's Greek to Me ($10 - 25)

44 Centennial Drive

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 571-0222

Menu: http://www.itsgreektome.com/menu.html


McLoones Pier House ($20 – 40)

One Ocean Avenue

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 923-1006

Menu: http://www.mcloones.com/pierhouse/cuisine.shtml 


Rooney's Oceanfront Restaurant ($20 – 40)

100 Ocean Ave N

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 870-1200

Menu: http://www.rooneysocean.com/dinnermenu.pdf


SAWA Steakhouse & Sushi Bar ($18 – 30)

68 Ocean Avenue

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 229-0600

Menu: http://www.sawasteakhouse.com/piervillage/dinnermenu.htm


Sirena Ristorante  ($18 – 30)

27 Ocean Avenue

Long Branch, NJ

(732) 222-1119

Menu: http://sirenaristorante.com/dinner.asp


(Dine-Around is sponsored by the Member Services Committee.)

Comments (4)

Lisa Coats said

at 8:04 am on Apr 8, 2009

Hi Lynn! I would love to join the group for dinner, but I have a request: can you try to make sure that at least one of the restaurants has some decent vegetarian choices? I believe the Greek restaurant probably does, but I'm not sure of others. Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Heidi Cramer said

at 4:58 pm on Apr 8, 2009

Yes the Greek restaurant does have vegetarian options.

Lynn S. said

at 11:24 am on Apr 16, 2009

Hi Lisa...I've added links to the menus for the area restaurants we'll be visiting. I hope you agree that there are some options for the vegetarians among us. If someone is familiar with a local restaurant that specializes in vegetarian cuisine, please let me know. We can add it to the list!

Lisa Coats said

at 8:21 pm on Apr 20, 2009

Lynn, there actually is a local restaurant that has really terrific vegan and vegetarian options. It's called "Jesse's Cafe" and it is on Brighton Ave. not too far from Ocean Place. I couldn't find a website or menu, but here is basic info: http://jerseyshore.metromix.com/restaurants/health/jesses-cafe-long-branch/493669/content
It is a car ride, however, and not walking distance. As it turns out, I will likely be going to dinner with a couple of presenters instead of joining you for Dine Around or I'd volunteer to head the Jesse's Cafe group! I may see you at one of the Pier Village restaurants.

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