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Leadership and Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

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Leadership and Education Subcommittee Meeting
September 25, 2008


•    Review of Programs at 2008 NJLA Conference

•    Emerging Leaders

o    November 21 @ the State Library
•    State Library Tour

•    Meet Heidi and Norma

•    State House Tour

•    Shuttle from LBH?

o    December 12

•    Joanne Roukens

•    True Colors

•    Effective Presentations

o    Dates and locations for other sessions

•    February -

•    March – Monmouth University, Ravindra Sharma

•    April -

o    Topics to allow participants them to select

•    Management Communication

•    Evaluations

•    Running Effective Meeting

•    Budgeting

•    Resumes

•    Outreach

•    Public Speaking

•    Trading Spaces Tour

•    Making Proposals

•    Persuasive Speaking

•    Charting your Leadership Course

o    Tech/Web Component

•    Suggestion of using Web-X

•    Palinet web boards

•    Video conference one program

•    Conference Ideas for this year

o    How New Leaders Approach Technology vs Others who are Older
•    Challenge of managing technology for all levels of employees

•    How to adjust leadership style to compensate

o    Leadership Reunion Bonfire

o    Something with the Dean of Rutgers, Jorge Schement

•    Connie said she will contact Kay Cassell

•    Approach to Lib education in terms of technology, Online programs

•    Hiring of non-MLS – who gets hired

•    All these students coming in and what is the job market going to be like

•    What does it take to be marketable?

•    Role of Library Education in this environment

•    Maybe include 2 IMLS PhD candidates for their input

o    Evolving Role of Librarian – technical and marketing role

•    Persuasive communications

•    Perceptions

o    Explore questions of dichotomy between those we serve and those that fund us

o    Leadership skills – what do you think it takes to be a leader

o    Robert Wedgeworth – bring in to speak at conference


Leadership and Education


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