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Leadership and Education

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The Leadership and Education SubCommittee is responsible for the Emerging Leaders program. Emerging Leaders was begun with a grant from the Karma Foundation. The six month program started in 2002 with 26 participants who had less than five years experience in libraries in NJ. The 2003 program ran from February-June, 2003 with 18 participants. The 2004 session began in October, 2004 running to April, 2005. The 2006 session began in November and ended in March 2007. Information on the 2014 session will be forthcoming.


The committee also coordinates planning with the New Jersey Academy of Library Leadership, sponsored by the NJ State Library, and administered by CJRLC, for mid-career librarians, and the Coaching program for experienced librarians to help the graduates of the two leadership programs.


  • To study and review the needs for library education in New Jersey in all fields of library service and on all levels of training including continuing education.
  • To recommend methods of meeting these needs.
  • To encourage participation in leadership roles in the Association ad provide training for potential leaders.
  • To liaison with the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee to review the leadership needs of the Association.



Leadership and Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

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