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Snapshot Day is October 24, 2012


Snapshot Day:  One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries is a project of the New Jersey Library Association and the New Jersey State Library.
You will find all the resources you and your library will need to participate right here! We encourage everyone to participate on October 24, but if that day doesn't work for you please choose another day in October.  Submit your form by November 27, 2012.
Snapshot Success in Six Simple Steps!  Download this file for SIMPLE step by step instructions for participation!
 Snapshot Day Form:  Fill out this form to participate by sharing your statistics and activities. | Printable Form  Handy for keeping count at the reference or service desk. | Excel spreadsheet to tally results from multiple locations before submitting for your library system.

More than 20 Easy Ways to use Snapshot success at your library!  (and inexpensive!)  


 Sample handout to collect quotes and other information from your customers:   SnapshotDayhandout.doc     Customize with your own library's information.  *please note that this handout may collect information that is NOT requested on the statistical form*  Please fill out the FORM with your total statistics.


SnapshotDayhandout school.doc  Sample handout adapted for school use.   *please note that this handout may collect information that is NOT requested on the statistical form.  Use the information for your own purposes or make the best match the form (class research can be under class visit or bibliographic instruction)*


spanishhandout.doc  Sample handout in Spanish.  


Updated! snapshotbookmark.doc Sample bookmarks.  Add your own Library name or logo.


New! Tweet about Snapshot Day 2012!  Use #NJSD12 to share your news. 


Updated!  Share your photos and captions on Flickr

Already have a Flickr account? Simply join the 2012 group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/njlibrariessnapshot/

Not a member of Flickr or need more instructions?   How to Add Your Photos to the Flickr Group 2012.pdf

By adding photos to the NJ Snapshot Day 2012 Flickr Group, you are verifying that you have permission from the subjects photographed (the subjects’ parent or guardian if under 18 years of age.)  NJLA and the NJ State Library may use the photos to promote library services and champion libraries.  Photos may be featured on the NJLA and NJ State Library websites or other publications.


New! We are taking photos today sign | Sample Photo Release Print this release on the back of your customized handout/patron survey. Great ways to get a photo release and comments from your patrons with one form. 




Snapshot – One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries.  Contact Peggy Cadigan 609-278-2640, X113, pcadigan@njstatelib.org or Heidi Cramer 973-733-7837, hcramer@npl.org


Snapshot Committee Members:

  • Peggy Cadigan, New Jersey State Library
  • Heidi Cramer, Newark Public Library
  • Cindy Czesak, Paterson Public Library


Images to promote Snapshot.  Right click to download and save.

Special thanks to Jim Bruck for the special artwork and graphic design!










2009 Snapshot Information http://njla.pbworks.com/w/page/36727895/Snapshot2009


Our past success: Snapshot Result page:  http://snapshot.njlibraries.org/

Thank you for submitting your statistics.  Over 250 libraries participated on February 19, 2009!  Results are here: snapshotstatisticscollected2009.pdf

Print our Snapshot results handout in PDF:  People Need Libraries.pdf  | Customize with this word doc:    People Need Libraries word doc.doc


Visit our Snapshot Flicker set for some inspiring photos from previous Snapshot Days.


Link to Flickr for photographs from Snapshot 2009.  Make your own Flickr badge here.
Health Sciences Libraries Help Save Lives:  NJ's Medical Libraries Participate www.njha.com/LibrarySection/Pdf/SnapshotDay.pdf


Comments (2)

Andrea Londensky said

at 10:48 am on May 13, 2009

Congratulations on a really easy to understand and very effective way to show how important libraries are. I just love this campaign. I'm glad to hear that it's going to be an annual event.

We got caught flatfooted for this year's - we submitted stats, but didn't get to do much of anything else. It was the "small library, small staff, very busy time" factor. If you could give us lots of notice for next year, we could do a better job.

Kudos to the Committee for giving us this great idea to run with, and all the support stuff to go with it.

Andrea Londensky
South River Library

Carolyn Wood said

at 11:10 am on Sep 29, 2009

West Deptford Free Public Library staff members are updating our library customer template form today. We may even add a few new items for library patrons to check off to make it easier to add our statistics to the new online form.

The first Snapshot Day was held in February when income tax assistance numbers were very high. The high income tax numbers may be replaced with homework help this time around. We are looking forward to uncovering the seasonal changes in the service we provide.

Carolyn Wood
West Deptford Free Public Library

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