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User Education Committee - Policy Initiatives

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College and University Section - User Education Committee - Policy Initiatives


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Progression Standards for Information Literacy


Drawing on the Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education, published by the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the criteria for accreditation published by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the Progression Standards for Information Literacy define a progressively complex and integrated set of skills and concepts that students need to master in order to conduct research and manage information at each stage of their academic careers. By defining levels of skill and understanding, the Progression Standards are designed to provide NJ educators with a common understanding of what students need to learn about information retrieval and management at each stage of their undergraduate education. The Progression Standards currently define two levels of competence, for students completing 30-32 and 60-64 credits, respectively, and are intended to provide benchmarks for ensuring that students transferring between NJ institutions are adequately prepared to fulfil their research assignments at the next level.


The Progression Standards for Information Literacy have been developed by the New Jersey Task Force on Information Literacy Progression Standards, a collaborative effort of the ACRL/NJLA User Education Committee, Academic and Reference Librarians of the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative and the VALE Shared Information Literacy Committee.


Download the Progression Standards for Information Literacy

Learn more about the Progression Standards


What Can You Do to Promote the Standards?


  • Share this document with your colleagues in the library.

  • Bring the Progression Standards to the attention of your teaching faculty and administration.
  • Open discussions with the teams and/or committees responsible for general education and transfer programs on your campus.
  • Discuss the Progression Standards in professional meetings.
  • Map the Progression Standards to the objectives of your information literacy program.


The User Education Committee is pleased to endorse the Progression Standards for Information Literacy, and commends the work of the Progression Standards Task Force.


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