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About the YA Section Executive Board

Page history last edited by Erica Solomon 6 years, 2 months ago

The Young Adult Services Section consists of the following offices:  Past-President, President, VP/President Elect, Secretary, and two Members-at-Large.  Any member of the YA Section may be nominated for the office of Secretary or Member-at-Large.  In order to be nominated for VP/President the candidate must have served on the executive board in some capacity during the previous three years.  To learn more about what these position require please read the links below. 


Executive Board Member Duties and Responsibilities

Executive Board Timeline and Checklist


2014-2015 Executive Board:

Kathleen Gruver (Past President); Erica Solomon (Section President); Katie Bojanek (VP/President-Elect); Megan England (Secretary); Rosy Henderson (Member-at-Large); and Michelle Yeager (Member-at-Large)



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